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Learning Chess at Home

About IQ Trigger Academy

At IQ Trigger Academy, we love helping kids become smarter through Chess, Vedic Maths, and Abacus. Our academy was started in 2016. We're really passionate about developing young minds.

We have amazing coaches who are certified internationally in Chess, Vedic Maths, and Abacus. No matter where you are, you can join our classes online, and our teachers will give you personalized and top-quality lessons.

Meet our talented coaches:
Chess Coach Jeganathan: He's a pro! He has been coaching Chess for almost 15 years and is certified by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).
-Abacus & Vedic Math Instructor Uma Maheshwari: She's an international certified trainer too! Some of her students have even won in the Nationals Abacus competition.

We also offer classes online.

Join us now and discover the fun of learning while becoming smarter with Chess, Vedic Maths, and Abacus. 

Get ready for an exciting and flexible learning experience at IQ Trigger Academy! See you there!

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